Project Life update!

Last week I sat down with my finished Project Life spreads, my Project Life supplies, piles of ephemera, and an empty notebook and SIGHED.

 I’ve fallen behind on Project Life… you’ve maybe been able to tell?

 I was determined to get organized, fill up my (near) empty notebook, and get some weeks done.

On a recent trip to IKEA I splurged on the Alex Office Organizer in white; I had been eyeing this organizer on my last 3 IKEA trips but at $119 I kept passing him by. You see, I have my scrapbook space in my finished basement but you know basements… they are cold and lonely- so I never scrap down there. Instead, I walk up and down the stairs with boxes of supplies in tow to my dining room table. This was making Project Life difficult as I have stuff stretched all over the place and I was spending more time toning my calves by the stairclimbing than the scrapping itself (maybe that was a good thing? :)).

So in comes Alex. He fits very nicely underneath my dining room table making it easy to hide from guests. He makes my clean-up easy. He gives me 3 Project Life drawers! In a week’s time I can say… Alex is a lifesaver!

 Organizing = Check.

 After getting organized I spent 2 lunch breaks filling up my notebook with stories and events that had happened over the past 2 months. Going through my Instagram account proved to be my lifesaver as it helped me fill in dates, recall events and etc. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten quite a bit of the day-to-day stories but some of the more important stories have been “stickie’d” in my notebook; this should help prompt the complete story when I get to those weeks.

 Stories = Check.

 Onto June…

There you have it… 3 weeks in June that are FINALLY done.

Anyone else fallen off the wagon and trying to catch up? Tell me how you’re approaching the “lost” weeks… :)

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  1. vee said:

    love your PL! I l have the ALEX cabinet and BEST investment ever! :)

  2. Tracy O said:

    Your pages are beautiful…and don’t worry…I am with you on being behind. My last fully completed spread was week 9 but I have planned, printed and started catching up, I am working one pocket at a time and going week by week (minus title cards which I will do all together at the end). I am making good progress at about 1 1/2 hours a week…I have to keep telling myself to simplify and not overcomplicate to get back on track. Good luck catching up and I hope to come back soon for some more inspriation.

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