Thought I’d pop in to share a little of what I’ve been up to lately…

July FLEW by… I kept myself very busy and now I’m milding freaking out as we move into August. At the end of the month, Casey and I will be flying across the world to travel around Europe for a month. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself as I still have a lot of accommodations I need to book! There always seems to be something else I’d rather be doing… and this week my excuse is the Olympics :)

But, back to July…


  • Summerfest in Milwaukee on July 1 and July 5 to see the Beach Boys and Death Cab for Cutie
  • 4th of July party at our cottage: jet skiing, a day off, margaritas and Corona… it doesn’t get much better
  • vibrant colors at a carnival and an awesome spot for fireworks


  • Dave Matthews Band @ Alpine Valley on July 6 and 7th
  • weekend up north in Door County… eating hot dogs and ice cream


  • more Door County… mini golfing, visiting the beach, enjoying that our dog came up with us for the first time
  • visiting Washington D.C. for work and getting to take in the sights at night


  • more from Washington D.C.
  • staying at my dad’s cottage at the lake all week while we were renting out our house…
  • new Crate Paper supplies!


  • having a fun weekend in Wisconsin Dells (the “waterpark capital of the world” – lol)
  • more mini golf
  • eating hot dogs and ice cream… again!

That about sums up my July… 4 concerts, driving all around the state numerous times,┬áCHA projects, Washington D.C., being out of my house for most of the month, many nights out having dinners with friends… whew, I sure am pooped!

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  1. Loved your photos and recap! What a wonderful, fun-filled month you had! I do a month-in-review on my blog too, but not usually this early, LOL. Summer is the best!

  2. Meghann said:

    Looks like an awesome month! Jealous about the DMB concert!

  3. What a great month. If I took pics of mine they’ll all be snuggled up in blankets ;o)
    I can’t wait for Summer xxx

  4. Brenda said:

    How funny to see all your ventures around WI – I’ll be in door county and Milwaukee in a few weeks visiting family! Enjoy Europe!

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