Can you believe summer is upon us? I cannot get over that May is practically over! It is my most favorite month of the year so I’m holding tight onto these last 2 days. We’ve been lucky to have gorgeous weather in Wisconsin almost all month. I’ve been acting like a bit of a child in that I don’t come into the house until it gets dark. I’ve been making sure to sneak out of work to take a 1/2 hour walk during lunch, too. Shhhh….

One thing I have to tell you… I’m obsessed with Instagram. Here is a little bit of what I’ve been up to in May:

1. cherry blossoms in full bloom; 2. daily walk with casey + lumbergh; 3. cheating for my favorite nachos at lunch; 4. bike ride; 5. christiano’s pizza; 6. bike ride to the lake; 7. new iPad; 8. me; 9. long day at work = half-baked ice cream

10. cheeseburger, fries + frosted root beer; 11. lunch date at the drive-in; 12. bike ride; 13. outdoor dining at carmella’s; 14. planning our month-long europe trip; 15. fajita night at chili’s; 16. annual “june party” in may; 17. freshly cut peonies; 18. daily walk downtown

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